Added Benefits – Adaptable and Affordable

Microburst Learning’s customized approach to e-Learning allows clients to train new hires before they begin work. New enhancements and updates can be uploaded for your existing workforce as changes are implemented.

We can tailor existing training materials or develop new courseware with client input and content approval. All custom training content and educational materials developed are proprietary and belong solely to the customer.

And the process is affordable, with training costs typically averaging well below in-house training products. In fact, our web-based hosting system for online courseware is priced at pennies per month per employee.

Hear what our customers have to say!

"We have worked with Microburst Learning to implement online training tools for 31 plants, including operations in Canada and Mexico. They fully translated each lesson in French and Spanish so that all of our thousands of employees are receiving a uniform message about our standard operating procedures and equipment use regardless of their location. We continue to be impressed by their responsiveness and work ethic and are happy to partner with them for our employees’ educational needs.”
Director of Operations, Masonite

"Technical training is a key component of a start-up manufacturing operation, and Microburst Learning provided the capability to meet our needs, coming onsite to develop and implement an aggressive work plan. We couldn’t be more pleased with the products they developed and the outstanding customer support we received." Chief Administrative Officer, COSMO Specialty Fibers