About Us

Founded in 2007, Microburst Learning is comprised of a dedicated team that is passionate about personal and professional growth and development.

Jordy JohnsonJordy Johnson, Chief Executive Officer
Doctor of Education, Occupational Education,
North Carolina State University
Master of Arts, Human Resource Management, Pepperdine University
Bachelor of Science, Business Management, University of South Carolina
Senior Professional in Human Resources, HR Certification Institute

Jordy is an accomplished and respected management consultant, facilitator, trainer, and educator in human resource management as well as a driver of organizational improvement and leadership development. His extensive experience includes helping clients from around the world conceptualize their visions, create organizational improvement strategies, develop high-performing people, and build high-involvement systems. He specializes in strategic planning and design, performance management systems, executive coaching, organizational assessments and interventions, and leadership team development.

Ann BrownAnn Brown, Chief Operating Officer
Master of Science, Human Resource Management, Troy State University
Bachelor of Science, Business Management, University of South Carolina

Ann is a talented and respected instructional designer, management consultant, facilitator and trainer. She specializes in both soft and technical skills, building teams and teamwork, and focusing on organizational improvement and leadership development. Ann has years of instructional design, delivery, and evaluation experience that includes designing and developing technical training programs in manufacturing and service environments, employing a modular approach to on-the-job technical training in multiple industries, implementing an Apprenticeship program with a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer, standardizing technical training systems in multiple industries and functioning as an Instructional Designer for business and industry.

Ann BrownRebecca Bazzle, Creative Director
Master of Fine Arts in Digital Production Arts, Clemson University
Bachelor of Art, Visual Arts, Lander University

A talented and experienced leader in computer animation and program development, Rebecca takes the information provided for training materials and transforms it into an interactive format that enhances the e-Learning experience for clients. She worked in the film industry as a technical director for a number of years, working on such films as The Chronicles of Narnia, Garfield, Elektra and Scooby Doo 2. Upon returning to South Carolina,  she has created soft and technical skills e-Learning lessons. Then, she served as the lead Animation Instructor at Trident Technical College. She planned curriculum and taught  animation and online learning development courses.