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The Soft Skills Program uses interactive eLearning modules and scenario-based class room activities to teach, enrich, or modify soft skills. Soft Skills are behaviors that define an individual’s ability to interact with others and are essential to success within all organizations.

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Our Program:
Employers require their workforce to demonstrate EmployABILITY Soft Skills. Based on over 30 years of soft skills training experience in the global private business sector, Microburst Learning developed a turn-key certification system for cultivating student’s soft skills.  This program has been directly reengineered from the business world to the world of education. Our blended learning approach includes:

  1. Online Pre-Assessment and Individualized Evaluation Report
  2. Highly Interactive Online Lessons
  3. Instructor Certification
  4. Comprehensive Instructor Guides with flexible classroom activities to meet a variety of schedules and class sizes
  5. Post-Assessments
  6. Student Certification

"This has been the most informative and useful training I have attended since teaching (10 years)."
Says a Microburst Learning EmployABILITY Soft Skills Program Instructor.


What Our Lessons Look Like:

  • Exciting Game
  • Invoved
  • Job REsponsibilities
  • Mech1
  • Quiz
  • Tools
  • TypicalDay
  • Where They Work

To view some examples of our MicroCareerBurst pages, click on each image to enlarge.

There are a number of ways to expose students to MicroCareerBursts.

  • Students can login and complete e-lessons individually in computer labs or at home.

  • Teachers can guide students through MicroCareerBursts in the classroom.

  • Each lesson includes interactive slides for students to complete together in teams or as individual homework assignments.

  • Guidance counselors and career specialists can share these as part of career exploration days at school.

MicroCareerBursts showcase individuals who are currently employed in these fields and let’s them tell firsthand what skills and training are needed, what hours they may work, what their typical job duties might be, what compensation may look like and most importantly what is most rewarding about this career path.