Our Resurrection Fern series provides individuals with valuable tools necessary to set and achieve goals to improve self esteem, learn the importance of setting boundaries, and skills necessary to successfully apply for a job and complete the interview process.

How it Works

Our world-class Development Team can design custom technical and soft skill courseware for your organization that can be administered and tracked through the Microburst Learning's Learning Management System or through your own organization's Learning Management System.

  • You can choose from our library of existing courses or we can develop a specialty course to meet your specific needs.

  • We treat each project as unique and follow a four-step development process to best meet your specific e-Learning needs.

  • Each customized lesson contains powerful bursts of information through interactive e-Learning experiences that are designed to make learning more rewarding, enjoyable and effective.

Our custom training system consists of the following for each individual process:

Standard Operating Procedure:
A documentation of steps not well defined is formatted and placed into a consistent Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). These can be printed out for quick reference and are also available online as part of the e-Learning material.

Customized Interactive E-Lesson:
Each e-Learning course is built with the user in mind by incorporating short, powerful lessons to ensure a successful and rewarding learning experience. Each e-Lesson could include such items as video, pictures, simulations, interactions, animation, highlights, tips, warnings, demonstrations, consequences, and trackable results.

Knowledge Check:
Simulations, video questions, identification hot spot images, multiple choice, fill in the blank and essay questions are compiled into a quiz for the user to ensure the employee is proficient in the material covered in the e-Lesson. Feedback is customizable, and a quiz bank may be created to pull random questions. Responses and scores are tracked.

Performance Checklist:
A documented hands on process to verify proficiency as it applies to each e-Lesson.

Learning Management System Access:
(Employees and Internal Administrators)
The courses are hosted on Microburst Learning’s Learning Management System (LMS). This enables clients to track employee participation and results. The complex reporting features simplify and strengthen audits.

Administrator Training:
Microburst Learning led training helps your company LMS administrators learn how to use the system, add or remove users and groups to courses, and run reports.

Help Desk Support:
Microburst Lessons are available 24/7. Support is available via phone and email. Customer support is top priority for Microburst Learning.