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As a parent, helping your child navigate the choices for life after high school can seem overwhelming. Our MicroCareerBursts allow you and your child to explore a variety of career paths and to find the ones that fit your child’s specific skills, aptitude and life goals.

MicroCareerBurstsDifferent Paths:
We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to preparing young people for the future. Our comprehensive inventory of MicroCareerBurst lessons is designed to provide numerous options for all types of personalities and skill sets.

Regardless of where your interest and experience lies, there are more career choices than ever before!

Top Five Reasons for exploring MicroCareerBursts:

  1. Explore a variety of careers available in today’s workforce.
  2. Hear what real people say about their jobs – what they like and why they like it!
  3. Make the connection between classes in school with world of work.
  4. Learn which skills and training are needed to improve your chances of getting hired.
  5. Discover what you can do now to prepare for an exciting future!