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Check out what we have to offer Parents, Educators and our Partners.


Exposing young people and adults to career choices doesn’t just happen. Microburst Learning is very proud to partner with a number of forward-thinking businesses and organizations that are concerned about the next generation workforce.

It makes good business sense to excite young people about career exploration. Supporting MicroCareerBursts demonstrates your commitment to building a trained and productive workforce for the future. You are also contributing to the education and well-being of our local communities.

Ways You Can Help:

Subject Matter Experts – Share your career story with young people and show them what it’s like to work in various careers.

Steering Teams – Participate on the team which maps out career paths and identifies information and resources that are needed to create MicroCareerBursts.

Sponsors – Assist with the production costs associated with creating lessons to provide free online access to the MicroCareerBursts.